Driving School

Driving is not much different from any art form. Learning this art too needs required dedication, patience and of course yes a good driving school and instructor. One small mistake can prove fatal to you as well as people around you. A good driving school should be able to teach this precision in driving.

Crystal School of Motoring is one of those few driving schools in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Stratford upon Avon, Coventry and nearby places that trains you in all aspects of driving i.e. practical and theoretical knowledge. We do not force our course routines on you; instead we devise our course as per your requirement, learning pace and confidence. This way we ensure you learn thoroughly and with ample guidance to let you gain all the required confidence you want.

We offer special courses for first time potential learners as well as 1 week intense course for professional drivers. We train you thoroughly in practical and theoretical aspects completely and make sure you do not miss out on any area of driving. Apart from this you can take as many mock tests as you please again for both theory and practical so you are confident enough for your final test. No doubt Crystal School of Motoring has the highest pass rate in UK.

Learning to drive has almost become a necessity in everyone's life. We are not one of those Coventry and Midland driving schools in UK who cash on this necessity of our clients. We aim at becoming the most sought after and successful driving schools in UK in terms of producing excellent and confident drivers.

At Crystal School of Motoring we provide individual instructors to every student. We make sure you get a one full hour of class. You do not have to travel to take our classes. We have our driving schools in Coventry, Warwick, Midlands and many surrounding areas to facilitate our students. You can choose from our male or female instructors as per your convenience. To sum it up we do not leave any point untouched to make sure that you learn driving at your pace, comfortably and with properly qualified instructors. All our trainers are certified by DSI.

Contact us today to learn driving from the most fun, easy and reliable school in the UK.


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